Our History

Established in 1999 by partners Rusty Helm, Joey McGroarty, and Joseph Carter, Keystone Commercial Realty has been a leader in the Coastal Carolinas’ commercial real estate industry for over two decades. The name “Keystone” was chosen for its architectural significance, symbolizing strength and unity—the final piece that locks all others into place in an arch. In the same way, Keystone Commercial Realty acts as the pivotal force bringing buyers and sellers together in strong, honorable, and ethical transactions.

With a foundation built on diverse skills and experiences, our founding partners brought together a wealth of knowledge acquired from their backgrounds in the Air Force, Navy, commercial brokerage, development, and management. Keystone was the pioneering force behind the region’s first exclusively commercial brokerage, setting the standard for excellence along the Grand Strand.

In 2024, we proudly celebrate 25 years as the leading authority in Coastal Carolinas’ commercial real estate. Throughout our journey, we’ve remained committed to fostering a culture of integrity, professionalism, and innovation.

As Keystone Commercial Realty continues to evolve, we embrace new opportunities and challenges. Following the retirement of esteemed partners McGroarty and Carter, a new chapter began with the addition of Ryan Earnest and Drew Langway as partners. Together, they bring fresh perspectives and leadership, guiding Keystone towards an even brighter future.

Join us as we build upon our legacy and continue to shape the landscape of commercial real estate in the Coastal Carolinas.